Space For Hope

Space for Hope
Space for Hope

This page is a collection of posts about creating space for hope.  It’s been almost a year now that my Heavenly Father keeps directing my focus to creating space for hope in my life.  Think about it.  Currently we are beings with finite capacity.  If that capacity is full to the brim – what capacity do we have to receive the gift of hope from our Heavenly Father?

Through His Word, through nature, through my acupuncturist, through classes I just “happened” to take that I had no idea would deal with creating space in my life – I cannot escape the message that He wants to provide, but it is my choice whether or not to prepare and have space to receive.

The list below is a starting point to help you look for what is taking up capacity in you preventing you from being able to receive the gift of hope:

How well are those things working for you?  How does a heavenly exchange sound to you?  He will deliver His promises if we will surrender currently occupied space for Him to fill!

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Your faithfulness to the skies  Psalm 36:5
My Heavenly Father literally delivering a rainbow to my backyard to remind me He keeps His promises.

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