Bone and Marrow


The Voyager 1 Love Probe Crosses Last Frontier

My Heavenly Father is continuing my journey into space. To quote Captain Kirk … it is definitely a new frontier ūüôā .

I have been totally “undone” by the truth that He wants to create space in me for rest that includes His taking action to cause me to cease from any movement or labor in order to recover and collect strength; to refresh me; to allow me to take rest; and to create quiet within me as He fills me with calm and patient expectation. ¬†(Matthew 11:28)

Just when I think “I’ve got it now” another facet unfolds that creates even more space for Holy Spirit to reside within me, just as Jesus promised (John 14:16)

In my last post, I asked “do you listen when your heart speaks”. ¬†I hope you do. ¬†But what happens when what you hear seems so bone deep that it feels there is absolutely no way you can be any different than the way you have always been, always thought, always felt.

 That was my question as I was walking recently.  My Heavenly Father answered so quickly, I could almost see Him grinning like He was just waiting for me to ask!!

See, the Word of God is alive!
It is at work and is sharper than any double-edged sword ‚ÄĒ
it cuts right through to where soul meets spirit
and joints meet marrow,
and it is quick to judge the inner reflections and attitudes of the heart.
Hebrews 4:12 – Complete Jewish Bible

I’d never really seen it in such a personal way before. ¬†His word can divide soul (will, intellect, emotion) and spirit (the very breath/life within us created to connect with and be filled by God’s own spirit, the Holy Spirit). ¬†My personal dilemma at the time was what I mentioned in a previous post about not being wanted during my Mom’s pregnancy. ¬†My inner reflections (thoughts), the attitudes of my heart [my choices (will)¬†and¬†emotions] had been so permeated with that experience that I could not recall a time it was not a part of me, definitely bone deep. ¬†Yet God’s Word is so precise it can divide¬†what feels like my very bones, from the marrow (what truly¬†gives life to the bones).

Picture from His Little Spark In The Dark
Picture from His Little Spark In The Dark

I’m sharing the revelation¬†with you the way it came to me as I walked and captured my conversation with my Heavenly Father¬†on a voice memo on my iPhone.

“You can¬†divide what feels so bone deep to me
and bring the life that You have always purposed.
You can take away my soulish* efforts
(*what my intellect, will and heart can accomplish stand alone)
and fill my soul and my spirit with everything that You have and purposed for me.
Just like marrow is where life comes from,
You can take away the bone, the structure that I have put around this wound
to make my own coping mechanism.
You can replace that structure with life
that grows from the very marrow of who You are
and transplant it into me so the two become one.**
The life that is contained grows new bone, i.e.,
new structure for me to live, move and have my being.***
Life is free to flow all because of Your Word.
Your Word who is Jesus.
It’s just so amazing Father. ¬†It’s so amazing.
I am thankful, so thankful, for how utterly wonderful You are
and how great is Your love.”

Can you relate? ¬†You think you have dealt with an issue in that has deeply impacted your¬†life, e.g., having to perform to be loved; rejection; abuse; addiction; chronic illness that has made you doubt your self-worth; chronic heartache that causes you to withhold your heart¬†from receiving the love that is around you,¬†to name only a few. ¬†Only to have the issue¬†show up again with¬†a slight differently facet¬†or at a deeper level as life unfolds. ¬†Being transparent,¬†I’ve lost count of how many facets I’ve uncovered of not being wanted while in the womb. ¬†It¬†made me wonder can this ever not be a part of me; not be my filter for how I respond to life? ¬†My heart needed to be that real with God so He could be that real with me. ¬†What does your heart need to tell God?

“Continually unfolding the past till all is told.” (Psalm 32:5) is what I hear as I type this. You know what that tells me? ¬†Neither you nor I¬†are¬†failing because more facets surface. ¬†Our Heavenly Father is just not going to stop unfolding the past and setting me and you free until we are¬†exactly that – completely free. ¬†He unfolds rather than doing all the “demolition” at once so that we¬†don’t implode or explode. ¬†How loving is that!!

So I invite you to join me into this journey into space with Jesus dividing bone and marrow; the structures that we build to try to figure out our problems; to protect ourselves; to come up with answers with which we can live.  Grant our Heavenly Father permission to use His Word, Jesus, to cut the ties from the make-do structures we have devised and replace them with the life that He has for us so that we can we thrive and have that as our core.  Allow Him to transplant the same eternal life that filled Christ to be the very marrow of how we exist and thrive as He separates where joint meets marrow, i.e., where we have connected to things other than Him for our safety and supply.

It is a really interesting journey, an on-going journey filled with hope.  I pray you will make the choice to explore the space Jesus has for you!

** Р Romans 11:23-24
*** – Acts 17:28

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