Photo by Rachel Boehme Are you interested in discovering things about yourself that you’ve never been able to see before?  It’s possible. I’ve had the privilege of sitting with hundreds of individuals one-on-one for 20 years now facilitating them to discover beliefs they never knew were operating in their lives which caused them to repeat … More Coaching


Photo by Rachel Boehme What a privilege it has been to be present to help facilitate and witness lives changed as they make discoveries that empower them to experience living hope without limits.  A few people have been kind enough to share their experience here with you.   “It is difficult to fully express my … More Endorsements


As a certified PAX Partner, I help women & men appreciate our differences rather than view them as obstacles.  Working with me, you will be able to clarify, honor, and harness our differences. Everybody wins from the synergy created both personally and professionally.  I’m committed to: Connecting you to the power to change your world. … More Teaching


Merriam Webster defines a squatter as “one that settles on property without right or title or payment of rent”.   I’ve recently realized I had squatters trying to move in.  Who were they? 

Don’t Panic

The hope I have confessed is Jesus.  I hope in who He is and what He has done.  A short sentence that encompasses more than my capacity to grasp. 

Correction or Connection

It is common practice here in the U.S. when you visit a physician that you are asked when they take your history  “Is anyone being mean to you or hurting you?”.  I have always answered that question with what I thought was an honest answer “No.” I discovered I’ve been lying.