I gotta fix this

Which is harder for you:

I gotta fix “this”.              OR          I gotta let “this” go.

Being authentic, for me I gotta let “this” go is harder.

Honestly, somehow I gotta fix this seems more like control.  Accurate?  Probably not. Still being front row, hands-on provides an illusion of peace that is very seductive.  So what to do since I find myself in a place where I know that I know what’s required of me at this moment is to let go.

My “this” and your “this” are going to be different things, but I’m guessing just the experience of letting go would be very, very similar. 

Basically I have messed up.  Everything in me is screaming  “I gotta fix this.”  Yet what I am hearing my Heavenly Father say is “No.  You gotta let this go.  You gotta know you are still flawless in my sight (Romans 5:1) because of what Jesus did, not because of you fixing anything.  You gotta know that My love for you hasn’t changed. (Romans 8:32)  You gotta trust Me rather than trying to control this.  (Isaiah 26:3-4) You gotta hope in My love for you and everyone involved. (Isaiah 41:10)  You gotta know that My plans are to prosper all of you, not to harm any of you; to give you hope and a future.  (Jeremiah 29:11)

Fear says I gotta fix this, hope says I can let go.  Hope in who He is, how He loves and what His plans are.

As I was digesting all of this, Holy Spirit reminded me God’s formula is not one plan fits every situation.  So I can’t assume that because letting go is His plan for this situation, it will be His plan next time.  Rather come to Him first in each and every situation and He will provide the plan.  How do I know that?  It never went well for Israel when they assumed the tactics from their most recent victory would win their next battle.  Only when David inquired of the Lord for His specific plan for a specific battle did they win.

We are left with the dilemma how can I, how can you, have the faith to let go?

But even if we are faithless,
He will still be full of faith,
for He never wavers in his faithfulness to us!
2 Timothy 2:13 – The Passion Translation

The actual Arabic is “He will not be unfaithful to Himself”.

Do you see it?   Jesus does not see us as “other”.  Jesus sees us as part of Himself.  An incredible, unconditional reason to hope in His faithfulness and to trust Him enough to let go!


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