Hi – I am Diane Lawbaugh.

Do you feel stuck? Are you frustrated by experiencing the same results in your life and relationships no matter what you try? Does that make you feel hopeless?

I’ve lived in that painful place too.  

Thankfully, I learned how to tap into the power to change my world without having to wait for anyone else to make that happen.  I discovered how to leave a life driven by scarcity and limitations and live life led by abundance and hope.  I now know practical steps to harness fear to exchange it for hope.

I want the same for you.

I am committed to equipping you to learn how to exchange perspectives that cause limitations for insights that empower the life you desire.

To do that I need you to be willing to work with me to discover the foundations of what you believe about yourself, your relationships and your future.

Living this way the past 20-plus years and has impacted how I see myself, the people around me and the Eternal for the better.

I would love to provide you a free copy of the first chapter of my book Connecting … the present to the past to find hope for your future .  

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10 thoughts on “About

    1. Hello Lessons By Heart! I’ve been away on vacation and not checking my blog. Thank you for reading my blog and your kind comments and encouragement on several posts. It means a great deal to me! We seem to have a similar perspective that if we choose to look for our Heavenly Father we will find Him – unconditionally. I look forward to sharing more of our journeys with each other. Here’s to hearts filled with hope!

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