Hello – if you are here, I am guessing you are looking for hope.

Whether you are looking for hope for you, your relationships or your future I have good news.  Hope without limits is real.  I’m living it.

Let me introduce myself.

  • Do I have days where life just seems too hard? Yes.
  • Do I have days when relationships seem more like war zones than partnerships? Yes.
  • Do I have days when life makes no sense? Yes.
  • Do I have days when I want to give up? Yes.
  • Do I have days when I look around and see the pain in other peoples lives and my heart aches for them?  Yes.
  • Do I have questions without answers?  Yes.
  • Do I have days when my heart is breaking?  Yes.
  • Do I have days when I am sick and tired of being sick and tired?  Yes.
  • Do I have days when I wonder how can I write, coach and teach about hope when I feel like this?  Yes.

What’s the commonality with all those questions?  On everyone of those days I also have the weapon of choice which is a powerful weapon indeed. I want to help you make the discoveries that will empower you with the weapon of choice.

This website is a place where if you have any of the same questions or maybe even some I haven’t thought of — you are welcome here.  It is a place to be real with yourself; real with God and find real hope.  Hope as real as the the sunrise that tells me there will be another day.

“Those who know how to reign in life with godly wisdom
will become the shelter for those who need to learn.”
Bill Johnson

That is my desire for Hope Without Limits  that it would facilitate godly wisdom that both helps us to reign in life because we have hope without limits and to be the shelter for those who don’t yet have it.

Welcome to hope without limits.


10 thoughts on “About

    1. Hello Lessons By Heart! I’ve been away on vacation and not checking my blog. Thank you for reading my blog and your kind comments and encouragement on several posts. It means a great deal to me! We seem to have a similar perspective that if we choose to look for our Heavenly Father we will find Him – unconditionally. I look forward to sharing more of our journeys with each other. Here’s to hearts filled with hope!

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