Merriam Webster defines a squatter as “one that settles on property without right or title or payment of rent”.   I’ve recently realized I had squatters trying to move in.  Who were they?  Fear and all its minions.

On my way home from work November 8th I was rear-ended by a semi (at least that is what we call these huge trucks in the U.S.  Other names I have heard for them are transport-trailers and 18-wheelers.)  I literally walked away from the accident.  Can you say BLESSED!

But the story doesn’t end there.

That same night I had a dream with demons showing up everywhere I lived and thinking they had a right to be there.  The first time I became aware of one, I could feel the cold and dark.  I was protecting someone very close to me but I’m not sure who.  I said we have to pray.  It felt like something was trying to steal my voice, strangle me to keep the words from coming out.  I barely whispered Jesus and there was relief.  The dream kept going, every where I looked demons were coming in like it was a party to which they were invited and they planned to stay awhile.  Every time I said the name of Jesus my voice grew stronger and stronger.  I knew that I knew the demons could not stay in the presence of Jesus’ name.  They seemed surprised I realized that.  All of them had to flee, a few tried to pop back up.  I told them something to the effect they had no right and could not stay because of Jesus. 

The revelation that came immediately after the dream was the demons thought this accident gave them access to have a party and camp out in my thoughts and beliefs (side note — our beliefs/perspectives are the places each of us live).  NOT TRUE.  Jesus has not changed.  Jesus’ presence with me has not changed.  (Hebrews 13:8)

What is true is:

John 16-33.001

Can I tell you that I’ve not experienced fear while driving or being a passenger in a car these past two weeks?  No.  I can tell you that my Heavenly Father has armed me with His truth that is sharper than any two-edged sword to immediately cut-down the fear and tell it to leave.  It does not get to camp out. (Hebrews 4:12) I neither have to deny nor chastise my heart for experiencing fear.  Just like in the dream, my intellect knows and my will can make the choice to pray by just speaking the name Jesus.   My heart can be completely authentic with my Heavenly Father knowing He provided me a sword because He knew there would be a fight.

I invite you to survey for squatters in your own life that are trying to steal your hope, peace, joy or anything else from you.   You have the power to evict them because Jesus makes you holy ground and they are trespassing!

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