I have completed my certification in 9 different topics to become a Licensed PAX Certified Partner with Alison Armstrong and her PAX team.  Building on Alison’s 20 plus years of research to transform the way women and men relate to themselves and each other, I will be combining my own personal experience of how this material has transformed my life and relationships the past 5 years.

If you are a woman, has your response to a man ever been “well a woman certainly wouldn’t act that way”.  If you are a man, has your response to a woman ever been “well a man certainly wouldn’t act that way”.  Both responses are more true than you probably realize but not in a negative way.

    • What if no one is misbehaving?
    • What if we are misunderstanding one another.
    • What if women don’t really see men? 
    • What if what women see are big, hairy misbehaving women?
    • What if men don’t really see women?
    • What if men see emotionally unstable men?
  • Think of it this way.  Limes and avocados are both fruits.  But they both taste different and react very differently to with whatever they are mixed.  You are going to be very surprised if you peel an avocado and expect it to taste like a lime and vice versa!  I’m pretty sure you don’t think this makes either one bad, they are just different.  It’s no different for men and women.  Both are human beings, and yet the majority of society tries to classify and pigeon-hole our differences as misbehaving.

With each of the 9 topics, I will be providing empowering insights to the dilemma of gender that causes so many misunderstandings not only in romantic relationships, but between parents and children, and between colleagues.  My goal is to empower both men and women to be partners rather than adversaries and to have fun while doing it! 

Wherever you are in the world, we can connect via Zoom video conferencing.  It takes approximately 1 hour to teach a topic which includes time for questions.

To schedule a class for yourself, a group of your friends, or to find out about classes already happening, please contact me at:

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