As a certified PAX Partner, I help women & men appreciate our differences rather than view them as obstacles.  Working with me, you will be able to clarify, honor, and harness our differences. Everybody wins from the synergy created both personally and professionally. 

I’m committed to:

  1. Connecting you to the power to change your world.
  2. Providing information that will make the quality of your life better for you.

To accomplish these 2 things I need you to be

  1. Open to looking at the part you play in your life and your interactions 
  2. Open to the possibility of adopting new points of view as a result of the information you’ll receive by working with me.

If you are willing to do these 2 things and want to experience immediate positive change in your life, contact me using the form below to receive a free introductory teaching video.  Wherever you are in the world, we can connect via Zoom video conferencing. Let’s get started on making hope without limits a reality for you. 

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