What Color Are Your Glasses?

If the “glasses” you are looking through to figure out the future are the experiences of your past, you may want to get a new “prescription”.

I suggest that to you because of my own experience these past 3 weeks. There have been multiple, painful emotional and physical experiences that have either literally persisted for a very long time, or feel that way because the present has triggered past pain from similar experiences.

It has drawn my focus to the past.  That allowed my past to become my filter of what the future will be.  I’ve been looking in the wrong direction.  How about you?

The past is done.  It is finite.  It can’t be anything more than it already has been.

But the future … the future, if we will let it will be exceedingly, abundantly above all we can dare to dream to ask (Ephesians 3:20).  This is how our Heavenly Father has shown us to pray because He knows what we can dream is limited but HE IS NOT.

That is why we have to ask Him for the MORE that He has that we can’t even conceive.

It is no coincidence that in the midst of this I just “happened” to listen to a podcast teaching by Bill Johnson on Psalm 91 and he concludes with:

“I want you to declare this with me.
The past is the past.
It does not belong to me.
It was purchased through the blood of Jesus.
My past is covered.
I renounce regret.
You have no influence over my life.
I refuse to visit my past apart from the blood of Jesus.
Regret has no place in me.
I am determined,
through the grace of God
to experience fullness of life.”

The future is full of the unlimited promises of the One who Created all.  That’s the “prescription” our Heavenly Father has written for the glasses He wants you and me to be looking through.

Just to be sure I was listening … look at the confirmation My Heavenly Father sent to my own backyard this past weekend:

Click first picture for slide show.

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