Club of Endurance

I have a question for you Рwhat is your reaction to the word endurance? Take a moment.  Think about it.  Got your answer? Did you know endurance is a gift?  Are you surprised as I was?

All situations

It’s literally been a month since I’ve posted. ¬†The reason may seem strange to you … it certainly has felt that way to me. ¬†It’s because I made an exchange with my Heavenly Father … I gave Him my thoughts and feelings of being overwhelmed in exchange for Him giving me contentment. ¬†Pretty good deal … More All situations

Stress relief

Funny thing about help. ¬†The first step to receive it, is you have to realize it is not a bad thing to need it. Some posts come to me as one big download. ¬†Not this one. ¬†Without my even realizing it my Heavenly Father has been working on this one for over a month. ¬†He … More Stress relief

God’s Destroyer

The past month has been pretty rough health-wise for me. ¬†The best thing about that is, it sends me deeper into the Word. ¬†Take that enemy. ¬†Color me surprised when I discovered that my Heavenly Father created “the destroyer” and that is a very good thing. I have created the blacksmith who readies the fire … More God’s Destroyer