Lurking Dragons – Part 2

The blinders are off. I’m seeing more and more dragons … and it’s a very good thing. You know the Shakespeare quote “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”?  Ditto for dragons only they don’t smell sweet!  You can call a dragon whatever you want, but they all smell like fear mixed with insatiable need. After catching the scent of my first dragon last week; I was much quicker to recognize the scent this week. What am I talking about?  That feeling you have when something just feels too big to engage. Whenever you get close to “it”, all the “danger, danger” warnings go off in your head.  Whatever that “thing” is, you are convinced it is impossible to conquer or impossible to supply the need it creates,  so you put as much of a moat as you can between you and it.  Problem is …. dragons can fly.  Bummer.

Toruk Makto - Avatar 2009
Toruk Makto – Avatar 2009

Now that you know how to identify lurking dragons, have you sensed any lately where you live?  And, oh by the way – you LIVE in your belief systems.  That is where you will find the dragons I’m talking about. Why would a person want to “take on” a lurking dragon?  Why not just build a better defense system?  FREEDOM that’s why.  No more energy wasted trying to keep the dragon at bay, to hide from the dragon, or to serve its whims.  Dragons are prone to hang out in dark areas so take out your light saber (the Word of God) and vaporize them. What does all this imagery look like real time?  Below is from my journal this week.

Rest is so sweet but I have not been able to enjoy that sweetness because the enemy steals that from me by tormenting me with: guilt when I want to rest; or fear that I will never be able to get enough rest; or hopelessness that it is pointless to rest because no matter how much I rest,  I am still tired. I break agreement with those lies to cut off the access the enemy has had to steal the sweetness of rest from me. The truth is rest is promised to me: “I will give my beloved rest” (Psalm 127:2) and God only gives good gifts. (James 1:17). I come out of agreement with the lies that I have to feel guilty; or that I am wasting time when I rest; or with anything that is contrary to rest being sweet; including the lie that rest is actually my enemy because I can never get enough of it so it is a torment to me. I break off agreement with that ungodly expectation. My God says He will supply ALL my needs (Phil 4:19) and that includes my needs for rest. Ahhh – this has been a lurking dragon that has felt insatiable. However, I can look at it.  I can touch it. I can open it up to be supplied and not be consumed by it.  Hallelujah!

Sweet rest!

Sea Lions - Santa Cruz, CA - April 2013
Sea Lions – Santa Cruz, CA – April 2013

Care to join me for some dragon-free living?

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