Happily Ever After …

It’s the dream our enemy tries to kill the most.

However the only way he really wins is if we quit dreaming, hoping and believing that the end truly is happily ever after.

I wrote this post in July 2014, but didn’t feel the release from Holy Spirit to publish it.  Today Holy Spirit has highlighted this post to me that now is the time.  Whoever you are … God has heard the cry of your heart …

I didn’t know how much I would be challenged when Father God gave me a dream in July 2014 about happily ever after.  My first response to the dream was that it was to encourage me after a severe round of migraine pain that I had been experiencing at that time.

But the truth and the promise of the dream were utterly challenged the following week when a 47-year-old man with whom I work died suddenly.  No warnings, he was just gone.  I think about his wife and their 13-year-old daughter and I wonder how can there be a happily ever after for them Lord?  My brain cannot comprehend that could possibly happen … but my heart knows things my intellect has not yet discovered.  Father God showed me that in my dream.  He knew I would need it.

My dream:  “Deep down” 7/20/14

I am on a journey visiting construction and quarry sites I’ve never been to before -.  The journey feels like a lot of effort to get there and at one point I am concerned the boss will not like what he finds because he is going late in the day and the workers may be done for the day.  So many questions run through my head of does he realize how early they start, how hard they’ve worked even if they aren’t working when he gets there?  Will he think they are not working hard enough if they are not working when he arrives? 

The scene changes and I am in a building of some sort with a man I know is very important and influential.  He is dark and handsome and I am surprised that he is with me.  It feels like others have been there and left but he has stayed with me.  We are standing so close.  He leans his head to kiss me but does not come all the way to me, but rather waits for me to raise my lips to his for the kiss to happen.  So pure, like a breath of fresh air yet so brief. 

I am amazed and puzzled.  My thoughts are “why would someone so powerful and influential want to kiss me; be interested in me?”  I feel surprise and disbelief that he picked me. 

Scene changes again.  I am headed down a very steep rock staircase.  A child is in front of me, excited.  She asks me if I will go swimming with her when we get there.  She appears to know much more than me where we are going.  I hear a voice say “all fees have been paid”.  I don’t know if I hear it or think it – but I realize the way has been provided for me to go, nothing to stop me but the choice is mine.  I don’t know that I say anything, but I feel a sense of “this is good” along with excitement because of what I see in the child’s face.  I trust her.  I want to go to this place she knows about so deep in the rock.  I wake up.

Revelation upon waking was I knew/know that this is an invitation from You, Jesus, to go to an even deeper place with You than my intellect has ever known existed, but my heart (the child in me) knows; can lead me to; and, is excited to go there.  All “fees have been paid”, i.e. the way is open, the SPACE is open for me to go and the choice is mine.  

Oh my — the choice to believe You are the same yesterday, today and forever (Heb 13:8) and that You are good; Your love endures forever and Your faithfulness endures through all generations (Psalm 100:5) regardless of situations and circumstances, is me raising my lips to receive your kiss.  

You reminded me of Ephesians 1:4 “You have chosen me since before time began and I am blameless, above reproach and before You in love”.  Just like in the dream – the way You see me stuns and amazes me.  I am the one that measures whether or not I’ve done enough; proved myself; made myself lovable, not You.  You are never surprised by what You find.  You know it all.  The answer to my questions in the dream of does he know how early they start, how hard they work if he finds them resting – is YES HE KNOWS.  

My choice in the dream to follow little Diane, my heart, deeper into “the rock” … that would be You – my Rock, Jesus, to swim in the depths of You.  YES, YES, YES is my answer to Your invitation and to my heart’s lead.  Thank You for “opening this space/the way” to discover an even deeper level of YOU. 

You remind me how children intentionally imagine and pretend even though they know it’s not real. It’s how they play.  It inspires them.  It helps them to conceive of possibilities and to believe the impossible is possible.  We encourage them to do it.  My intellect chose judgment that when adults act that way “they are escaping” rather than moving in child-like faith in the One who makes the impossible, possible (Mark 10:27).

Thank You for helping me to see that choice, it’s consequences, and to be set free from them by Your light, truth and forgiveness – both Your forgiving me and me forgiving me.  Now I comprehend what is transpiring when I watch Hallmark movies – little Diane is dreaming, pretending, playing because they inspire me by touching that place You created in me that longs for happily ever after.

Happily ever after is why You came isn’t Jesus? It’s why Abba sent You; why the Holy Spirit is present with us to guide us.  There are going to be difficulties, trials, pain and disappointment along the way but happily ever after is the goal (John 16:33).  This longing for exactly that is my heart looking like Your heart.  Wow ….

John 16-33 Alaskan Sunset

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