Unfolding the past

Stunned.  Yup I think that’s  a pretty good word to sum up that past 48 hours. Psalm 32:5 puts it this way: I acknowledged my sin to You, and my iniquity I did not hide. I said, I will confess my transgressions to the Lord [continually unfolding the past till all is told]— then You … More Unfolding the past

In the midst

That’s the best way I can describe the past 2 weeks.  I have been “in the midst” of loss, migraine pain and many demands/deadlines at work. How non-coincidental that my dream last night consisted of being in the midst of dust-bowl-type farm land with at first small mini-tornado dust clouds popping up around me. Increasingly they came closer … More In the midst

The pressure is off

And I’m feeling a little strange. Have you ever been had the opportunity to visit (or live) in mountains that are over a mile high? (Click on first photo for slide show.)   If you have, you are most likely familiar with the term “elevation sickness”.  The pressure is literally “off” your system because the … More The pressure is off

My rainbow shield

Yesterday was a rough day. Allergy migraine. ‘Nuff said. In the midst of yesterday’s pain, God sent me a rainbow through a blogging friend without her even knowing how God was using her.  At the moment I saw it, I felt this thrill of joy and hope even in the midst of the pain and … More My rainbow shield

You know the expression “you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone”

Well … let’s prove “them” wrong.  What do you say? I’d rather take the time to know what I have while I have it, wouldn’t you? I was just reading a friend’s blog The View is Great . You’d think from the title of the post it’s about her birthday … but what I saw was … More You know the expression “you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone”