The pressure is off

And I’m feeling a little strange.

Have you ever been had the opportunity to visit (or live) in mountains that are over a mile high? (Click on first photo for slide show.)


If you have, you are most likely familiar with the term “elevation sickness”.  The pressure is literally “off” your system because the air is thinner.  Your body is trying to figure out how to function with more space in the form of less pressure, which means less oxygen.  You can feel light-headed, weak, and nauseous.  Symptoms range from mild to debilitating. Water and time are the answer.  Drinking lots and lots of water and allowing time to adjust.  Or, you can make the choice to leave and go back to what is familiar.

By now you may be wondering what can this possibly have to do with unconditional hope.  Glad you asked 🙂 .

This past week after some dental work I experienced migraine 4 out of 5 days  so Friday afternoon found me back at my acupuncturist’s office.

When I got there I remember telling him I could see this perforated line around my face and it felt like if he could just take off my face at that line I would feel so much better.  He put in one needle between my big toe and second toe on my left foot.  I felt like I was going to come off the table.  My heart was pounding, my foot was pounding, everything in me tensed up but I knew I had to relax and receive what Jesus had for me.  I started to repeat Jesus, Jesus, Jesus in my spirit, breathe and slowly relaxed.  Holy Spirit reminded me of the scripture I had just read that morning that every knee must bow at the name of Jesus (Phil 2:8-11), including migraine.  My breathing became very slow and deep.  I experienced so much shift during the treatment.  That’s the only way I know to describe it. Suddenly, it felt like my brain could move when I breathed rather than being constricted by a vice clamp.  That motion actually hurt, like my brain had been bruised as it was constricted by all the pressure but now it had space and could actually float and move. I was so surprised to feel how my brain had been hurt by the migraine .  I started to become more and more aware of space for the pain to move/float to the top and just be lifted off.

That awareness of space continued all evening. No pain meds, no ice – just relaxation and chill-time watching some favorite movies.  When I went to bed I started to be aware of some headache pain, but Jesus reminded me about the space the pain had to come to the surface and be lifted off.  Revelation came that I was not trapped by the pain and the pain was not trapped in me.

All sounds great right?  Yet when I got up Saturday morning, all this space was also triggering “elevation sickness”, literally, as my system reacted to the lack of pressure.  You’re reading the hindsight version.  When the light-headedness, weakness, and faint feeling were actually transpiring and persisting, I was confused and wondered – have I just traded one problem for another problem, i.e., migraine pain for all these other symptoms?

So I had a choice – to embrace this change or to retreat to what was familiar.  To tell Father, God – “Thanks but no thanks.  This scares me and is unlike anything I’ve experienced before.  I don’t know how long these symptoms will last.  I don’t know how to cope with them; at least I’m familiar with migraine pain.”  Like I said – this is the hindsight version and I am able to put words to what were at the time feelings of gratefulness, rapidly covered by trepidation and confusion.

How did my Heavenly Father provide?  Abundantly.

After several hours I texted with my acupuncturist and told him I was experiencing symptoms very similar to elevation sickness.   His response was he wished I knew “the moving form of the qigong exercise. It fills the space quickly with wonderful stuff.”

That set me to wondering about trying to find qigong exercise on YouTube to “get my need met”.   Simultaneously revelation came of God’s promise to me to meet my every need.  Bingo!  I knew what “wonderful stuff” with which I wanted to fill this space – YOU Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit, more of YOU.  I felt such a release, an excitement, joy, freedom.  You will provide all I need to fill this space, to guide me through this change (Phil 4:19).  My choice is to embrace this change and not to return to the familiar.

My prayer for you is that wherever you need the pressure off and space in your life, be it your spirit, your soul or your body in order for your pain to be able to move to the top and be lifted off, that you will receive exactly that and embrace the change necessary for the space to occur (Psalm 23).  Treat any symptoms of elevation sickness you experience as the pressure is lifted off by drinking in more “living water” (John 7:38) and by giving yourself time to adjust by taking Jesus up on his offer to come unto Him all you who labor and are heavy-laden and overburdened, and He will cause you to rest. He will ease and relieve and refresh your souls.  (Matt 11:28)


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