How did I get here?

Ever thought, felt or said that?  Well that has been the cry of my heart the past week. I was caught unawares by situations and questions without answers.  I felt totally inadequate to respond.  My heart has felt so torn with the pain that I’ve witnessed and experienced. The specifics don’t matter for your tribulation will look … More How did I get here?

In the midst

That’s the best way I can describe the past 2 weeks.  I have been “in the midst” of loss, migraine pain and many demands/deadlines at work. How non-coincidental that my dream last night consisted of being in the midst of dust-bowl-type farm land with at first small mini-tornado dust clouds popping up around me. Increasingly they came closer … More In the midst

Prove or accept?

“Are you trying to PROVE there is hope or ACCEPT there is hope?”  Was the question I heard as I was walking one morning this week.  BIG difference in the amount of energy required/involved.  I think from all the wrestling and unsettledness of my dreams, I’ve been trying to PROVE there is hope. There is … More Prove or accept?

There’s always more

Being honest it doesn’t always feel that way. At least it hasn’t to me recently.  Anyone else agree? I think that is why Our Heavenly Father created horizons. Two weeks ago I had a dream about being intimately examined by a physician.  What he found he wanted to show to everyone.  That made me very … More There’s always more