Fog and pelicans

Not 2 things that I normally think about at the same time. But, as I sat here quietly this morning that’s what I heard “fog can turn us into Pelicans”.  I just love it when my Heavenly Father grabs my attention to go “say what?” When we can only see what is right in front … More Fog and pelicans

Shining through

Mesmerized. As I walked this morning I could not take my eyes away from the sky.  What was it? What was calling to deep within me.  I just kept staring. Then I suddenly realized where I was seeing the sun in all its glory, there was no break in the clouds.  In fact, the clouds … More Shining through

IF you seek me

… you WILL find me. Did you notice there are not any qualifiers on that? It’s not you’ll find me if: you’re perfect and never mess up it’s sunny you got a raise today your family is happy and safe you get a promotion all your problems go away It’s just “you WILL find me”. … More IF you seek me

Pain and Provision

My  husband has an expression “too heavenly minded to be any earthly good”. That’s not what I’m talking about here.  I’m not talking about stuffing your heart away so that you don’t feel loss, grief, pain, disappointment or whatever lack has occurred in your life; then when your heart tries to surface for air you … More Pain and Provision

What’s your fuel?

Color me surprised this week to find out my “fuel” was anger.  Talk about a secret to keep from yourself! I was supposed to feel good this week.  The prior week I’d taken my first staycation.  Never done that before.  All my adult life I have “saved” my vacation days for unplanned trips back to Canada … More What’s your fuel?

What are you missing?

Could the “safety” of the familiar be stealing the “more” God has for you?  “More” as in exceedingly, abundantly above anything you could even dare to dream to ask? (Eph 3:20) I’ve recently been confronted with that choice.  “What if” feels pretty scary when there is no going back if you take the risk of … More What are you missing?