With thanks from my heart to yours

Does it seem like a year?  It’s gone by quickly for me.

I had no clue what to expect when I sat down and started to write last March about Unconditional Hope.  For that matter I still have no clue to what expect 🙂

But, I want to thank each of you who have read, commented and encouraged me this past year.

I started writing because I wanted to share the unconditional hope our Heavenly Father has poured and continues to pour into my life.  The surprising thing has been, when you give hope away, it returns to you.   Such a deal.

What a gift I have received to see how many have chosen to visit, read and/or follow my blog.  It has made my heart leap to be able to make heart-to-heart connections with people I’ve never met, as well as, with people I have met but never dared to let them see the real me before.

When I started last year I asked friends to pray that I would have godly courage to be transparent. God provided not only the courage, but with every step into transparency came more freedom, a bonus I had no clue was waiting for me.

So here’s to more unconditional hope for all of us, regardless of circumstance.

8 thoughts on “With thanks from my heart to yours

  1. Bravo! Congrats on a worthwhile Milestone! It has been a pleasure to follow your honest insights… Onward Christian Soldier! XO

  2. Diane: I have know you almost 30 years and you have always been an inspiration to me. It’s been a joy to read your articles. They are uplifting and I know God sees you as one of his special warriors wanting to help others along this journey. You have always been such a joy to talk with and be around all the years we have know each other. God’s light shines from you no matter what you have going on in your world that your friends may not know about.
    Thank you for being my Christian friend!
    Judy Bowling

  3. Diane- I look forward every time that I see Hope4theheart is in my inbox. I am grateful that I know you will be real (another word for transparent in my mind set). I love the pictures you use also – real pictures and word pictures that I remember. I am most grateful for our walks together. I love you, Deena

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