Fog and pelicans

Not 2 things that I normally think about at the same time.

But, as I sat here quietly this morning that’s what I heard “fog can turn us into Pelicans”.  I just love it when my Heavenly Father grabs my attention to go “say what?”

When you can only see what is right in front of you
When you can only see what is right in front of you

When we can only see what is right in front of us we tend to withdraw and hold tight to what we have.  There is only one problem with that, when you are holding so tightly to what you have because you don’t know what lies ahead – how can you receive what Your Heavenly Father has to give you?

It’s called a poverty spirit.  You believe it’s all up to you to supply your needs and so you hold on as tight as you can to what you have. I’ve heard it illustrated this way.  An orphan and a prince sit down at the same feast table.  The orphan will eat until he makes himself sick because he is afraid there will not be any more.  The prince will eat until he is full and stops because he knows His Father will provide for him.

Which are you?

I saw this illustrated recently when I was in Florida.   As I walked on the beach there were Pelicans and Seagulls.  Both were displaying the poverty spirit in spades.  The Pelicans would not share their catch with the Seagulls in case there was never another fish to catch; and, the Seagulls pestered the Pelicans over and over because to them it appeared the only food to be had was what the Pelicans had caught.

Pelicans fishing for lunch
Pelicans fishing for lunch with seagull watching closely
Seagull swooping in to take what appears to him to be all that is available
Seagull swooping in to take what appears to him to be all that is available
Pelicans depart because they wil not share afraid of what the future holds
Pelicans depart because they wil not share, afraid of what the future holds.
The seagull is not far behind still focused on the Pelicans have what I need.

It’s a ruse you know.  That there is not enough for each of us.  That if you get what you need there will not be enough for me; or if I get what I need I am taking away from you what you need.

How do I know that?

And God is able to make all grace (every favor and earthly blessing)
come to you in abundance,
so that you may always and under all circumstances
and whatever the need be self-sufficient
[possessing enough to require no aid or support
and furnished in abundance for every good work
and charitable donation].
2 Corinthians 9:8 Amplified

Every need that each of us have is another opportunity for us to receive from our Heavenly Father.  His provision comes in many forms.  I’ve seen it come as a complete gift with no effort on my part. I’ve seen it come from an opportunity He provides for me to have a job and income.  I’ve seen it in the lives of others who have studied and trained to care for the sick and being the beneficiary of the fruit of their efforts.  I’ve actually seen His provision when I didn’t even know I needed it, as in a hug from a friend that makes me safe enough to surrender the burdens of the day I’ve been carrying or grieve a loss that just felt to big to feel before their embrace.

When we keep our expectation on the provision of our Heavenly Father for whatever the need, it opens us up to receive.  From this place of expectation of provision when I see you receive it builds my hope and faith of how He will provide for me. When I receive it not only blesses me but encourages those around me as it displays God’s loving kindness and faithfulness to them.  After all, that is His Name that He told to Moses – Merciful, Gracious, Slow to Anger and Abounding in Loving Kindness and Truth (Exodus 34:6).

I plan to keep my hands open, how about you?

Open Hands to
Open Hands to Receive

2 thoughts on “Fog and pelicans

  1. Yup. Me too, Hope. Lately he has been blessing me beyond anything I could hope for: I am still pinching myself to have what have been handed. Thr trick is to keep those hands open, as you say, and trust him for our heart’s desire. The rain,and the sun, and the appleseed 🙂

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