Fog and pelicans

Not 2 things that I normally think about at the same time. But, as I sat here quietly this morning that’s what I heard “fog can turn us into Pelicans”.  I just love it when my Heavenly Father grabs my attention to go “say what?” When we can only see what is right in front … More Fog and pelicans

Saturated Senses

You have to be intentional.  At least that’s my experience when it comes to taking a vacation.  You make the choice to turn away from all the demands of everyday living and put yourself into a position to relax and soak in beauty and refreshment.  You decide the rest of life can wait and you’ll … More Saturated Senses

The roar of love

I woke early yesterday morning on the first day of vacation.  Not exactly my plan 🙂 .  We had arrived the night before with family and friends for a week at the beach.  We arrived shortly before sunset and rushed to ride our bikes to the beach for our first walk on the sand while … More The roar of love