The roar of love

The roar of love …

I woke early yesterday morning on the first day of vacation.  Not exactly my plan 🙂 .  We had arrived the night before with family and friends for a week at the beach.  We arrived shortly before sunset and rushed to ride our bikes to the beach for our first walk on the sand while being consumed by the beauty of the sunset.  All a wonderful thing except that I did not give myself enough time to refresh my bike riding skills before we set out on our adventure.  Let’s just say I didn’t do it well and now display own set of “spectacular colors” on multiple body parts.

But you know what, my Heavenly Father is so kind that He has taken my poor choice and already turned it to His good purpose (Gen 50:20) in many ways.  Like all the love and care I’ve received from those around me which I probably would have been too busy “hosting” everyone to receive that love if I had had the choice of “doing” or “receiving”.   Note to self follow Mary’s example and “soak in” the people around you rather than being consumed by doing 😉 [Luke 10:38-42]

I’ve gone down a “bunny trail” here … how does this all relate to the sunrise?  Because I couldn’t sleep because of the bruises.  As I lay there on the fringe of feeling sorry for myself, I heard “sunrise in 24 minutes”.   We had been talking about tides and sunrises the night before and the Holy Spirit popped this reminder into my thoughts.  Sorry pity-party, you loose.  I’m headed for the beach and sunrise!

I didn’t hear it at first but then there it was that sound of the ocean roar from the distance as the waves come crashing in.  My heart jumped at the thought of what lay ahead and what I would see; my pace quickened as the ocean roar pulled me in like the tide that pulls the sea itself.

Up over the dune

Up over the dune ..

and then there it was


I started to walk the shore and as gorgeous as the spectacular color show in front of me was, it was the sound that kept drawing at my heart.

I asked “what is this pulling at my heart Father”?

I heard “the roar of my love”.

Undone.  That’s the only way I can describe it.  The Lion of Judah roaring out His love for me.  This is the magnitude, the intensity, the infiniteness of His love for me as wave, follows wave, follows wave.  That is why I am so mesmerized by this sound.  This is the language of the heart and words can’t capture it’s dimensions.  Whether I walked or stood still, the waves would wash over my steps – erasing what was past, refreshing what lay ahead and tugging at me to go further out into His love.

Eventually I grew tired but the roar remained the same.  I headed back and noticed that now that I had hear the roar, I had become tuned-in to it.  I heard it all the way back and continue to hear it through the various other sounds of the island.  I had not noticed that before.  I had been distracted by other things around me.  A lesson learned.  The roar of God’s love, it’s intensity, it’s infiniteness is always there for me to hear and receive.  If I’m not hearing it, it is not because the roar of His love has stopped, it is because I am distracted.

Such a deal.  I give God my poor choices and bruises.  He gives me a beautiful sunrise and the roar of His love to permeate me and carry with me always.

Talk about unconditional hope as I listen to the roar of His love that is as constant as the tides.  Join me as we enjoy the sunrise together; there is more than enough love for all of us.

10 thoughts on “The roar of love

  1. This is awesome, glorious and beautiful. I feel the Holy Spirit. Love you my friend! xoxo Thank you for sharing this experience, revealing how big God really is.

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