Proportionate Need

It had been a very long, very demanding week with one more “work day” to go this past Friday.  I turned on my computer to journal about the many, many ways I had experienced my Heavenly Father’s supply and guidance in the past few days.  Immediately I saw on a friends Facebook page the YouTube Video below:

I need Thee Sam Robson
I need Thee
Sam Robson

Please listen before you read any further.

Did you hear it?  The cry of his heart; the desperateness?  As I listened it was like he was singing what my heart needed to say but didn’t have words to express.  As his intensity increased I became perplexed as I became of aware of 2 co-existing realities: my Heavenly Father’s ever presentness, love and provision and this visceral cry of “I need the O I need thee”.

As I walked I pondered how can these 2 things co-exist; is it because I don’t truly believe my Heavenly Father wants to or is able to meet my needs?  Is there some place in my heart that doubts His goodness (Ps 100:5), His love for me (Romans 8:38-39) and His promise to never leave or forsake me (Heb 13:5-6)?

In the quietness and freshness of the morning, God spoke to my heart:

“The need in you; in each life is so big for Me
because I have that much of Myself with which I want to fill you.
I have created in you a need
that is proportionate to what I want to give.”

Now there is a reason to hope.

6 thoughts on “Proportionate Need

  1. What an excellent arrangement. Loved it!

    You know, the older I get in the Lord, the more I realize that I need Him…yep…every hour! I’m thankful that He invites us to be as little children in that way, fully dependent upon Him. 🙂


  2. My sister said the other day we are made to be an addict. We choose alcohol,drugs,food etc. but what we are
    Made to be is an addict of Jesus,

    1. Hmmm … I’ll have to think about this a little. I’ve always had such a negative connotation about addictions and the pain that drives it, that it is hard for me to associate that with Jesus. I need to ponder.

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