When God is the flood

I had a dream last night about a flood.   Sounds scary right?  I thought so too until I started to record it and the revelation came.  It was actually pretty amazing.

In the dream there are torrential rains.  I am in an Explorer with a man driving, the water is up past the bumper of the vehicle and the current is roaring around us; yet the man driving doesn’t seem the least concerned and seems to be able to navigate with ease. We get to this building with people I know inside and it is chaotic with everyone trying to get their stuff together and get out, yet in the midst of this chaos people are trying to bathe, it seems very important to everyone.  Someone I know makes way for me to have a chance to bathe, but when I get to the tub someone else is already there, and I have to stand up for myself to have my turn.  The scene changes again and I am sweeping out a garage because I know I am going to have to leave a little dog behind and it is breaking my heart.  Will he survive?  How long will he survive?  Is there water here for him? It is so dark and stormy outside the garage door.  The scene changes again and I have the little dog by the collar leading him to a big bus.  I am wondering how am I walking out here? Where is the water?  But, I know the flood is close and coming.  I want everyone in the bus to see the little dog that we have to leave behind.  I just don’t know if I can leave him.  I wake up.

As I record the dream revelation comes that Jesus is the driver of the “Explorer”.  Jesus will help me to navigate the flood of the Father’s presence.  All the washing is imagery for how each of us must guard our own hearts even in the midst of chaos, including me, for out of our hearts flow the springs of life (Prov 4:23).  In the dream I was safe in the midst of the storm when I was taking care of that little dog = someone’s heart (for years my Heavenly Father has spoken to me about hearts through the imagery of dogs and how unconditionally they love).  There may be some scary places to be/to walk through/to look at to attend to people’s hearts, but My Heavenly Father doesn’t want to leave them in those scary places even more than I don’t want to leave them there. He will keep me and them safe.

I was trying to soak in this revelation while driving to work and the passage from Matthew 7:24-27 came to mind about the house built on a rock and the storm coming against it.  Suddenly the light went on — the biggest storm to test our foundation is not adversity, it is the Creator of All flooding us with all of His fullness that is beyond anything we can even dare to dream (Eph 3:19-20).

What am I talking about?

God, when you went out at the head of your people,
when you marched out through the wilderness,
the earth quaked, and rain poured from the sky,
at the presence of God.
Even Sinai [shook] at the presence of God,
the God of Isra’el.
Psalm 68:8-9

When God doesn’t fit in your box that feels safe and you can understand but rather shows up in all His fullness like described in the passage above – unless our foundation is Jesus, Himself, it will crumble like sand.   Rhetoric, ritual, the things that we can understand and be comfortable with will not stand because He is so much MORE.   It’s gonna be a flood but that’s OK because we have the One who can navigate the flood.  Jesus experienced all the fullness of God in bodily form when he walked this earth (Col 2:9). Look how amazing His life was.  It did not matter to Jesus that there was 5,000 people to feed; it didn’t matter if he didn’t have a place to lay his head; it didn’t matter if he was at a wedding that ran out of wine – he thrived because the fullness of God was in Him.  When God comes in that kind of fullness in our lives, it is going to shake things up; it is going to change things; it will shake you to your very foundations and if those foundations are sand, they will crumble because they won’t be able withstand the weight of His presence.

Remember at one point in the dream, I had to stand up for myself even though someone else had tried to make a place for me? Why was that? Because at the end of the it all, even though we can help and comfort one another along the way, it truly is every person for themselves.  Yes, I really did just say that.   What did I mean?  Each of us must be responsible for our own heart.  As much as others may want to help you, you have to make the choices of whether or not you are willing to look at those places in your heart that seem a little scary … or maybe a lot scary.  Those places that seem so raw, that you would rather just cover them up and hope that no air gets to them so that they won’t hurt any more.  But, I think we all know what happens when we do that, they just fester.  

So it is your choice.  Are you willing to let God out of the box where you are comfortable with what He does and how He acts in your life?  Are you willing to let Him come in and flood your spirit, your soul, your body, your world knowing that He will help you navigate through whatever the two of you need to explore and discover.  If you are, there is freedom, there is hope and there is healing.  He doesn’t come in like a flood to destroy, but rather to fill your mortal body with the same power that raised Jesus from the dead (Rom 8:11)  Now, is that such a bad thing?

Because to give you the bottom line …. there is not one heart God wants left behind.  He wants to go after every heart no matter what scary place they are in.  He sees every one of them.  He wants to make a safe place for your heart, my heart and every heart to thrive.

Thriving Hearts From:  www.linda-joy.com
Thriving Hearts
From: http://www.linda-joy.com

7 thoughts on “When God is the flood

  1. This is fantastic. I love the imagery. God uses it with me from time to time. Re: Jesus, I’ve come to realize that He left behind His “God” abilities and demonstrated what a life fully surrendered to the Father and the Spirit can be like. That blows my mind! Oh, that I would get out of His way! 🙂


    1. Thank you for your kind comments! I read your blog post “The Day God Sent the Mailman” after writing this post. Your heart has definitely been in a very scary place. I am so happy for you that you made the choice to look at that oh so scary place and with God’s help be set free from it! I’m so very sorry that your Dad was so broken himself that he was not able to meet your very valid needs to be loved, cherished and adored. The choice you have made to forgive him and break the connection of continuing to go to that dry well for what is not there sets you free from the poisonous connection between the 2 of you. If I may suggest, now take those very valid needs to be loved, cherished and adored and give them to Father God to meet them exceedingly, abundantly above your expectations.

      1. Thanks for the encouragement you’ve given. Should Jesus decide to bring reconciliation, I’m all for it. At this point, it would be a bonus, though. I’m finally able to be free of that desperate desire to make it happen…and the guilt of letting him go. It’s not been easy for, although he wasn’t the “sperm donor,” he’s the only dad I’ve ever known.

        Blessings to you and yours!

  2. I think this is the best one yet;.It always amazes me how God is revraled through dreams. The Holy Spirit is all over this, Diane, It’s annointed. I felt the Lord with each word I read. You are always right on time.

    1. I agree it is amazing how God continues to speak to us through the parables in dreams. The way it was unfolded in my life is the more I honor the dreams by taking the time to record them, the more dreams I have and the more revelation I receive. Such a deal 🙂 Thank you for your continuing encouragement Judy. I guess, like everyone else, when I share myself through writing I wonder “what am I doing”, and then I receive a comment like yours that tells me “It’s anointed.” My heart melts with thanksgiving to my Heavenly Father for giving me eyes to see, ears to hear and a heart to receive. Bless you!

    1. Thank you! I also want to thank you for choosing to follow my blog. With so many options out there, I sincerely appreciate you choosing to follow mine. Praying our Heavenly Father will flood You with His presence to bring freedom and life abundantly!

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