My journey


My journey to discover hope without limits began when I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 1998.

It has been quite a journey.  Fibromyalgia gave me “the opportunity” if you will to learn many things about my health, health in general, exercise, diet, cranial sacral therapy, and acupuncture to list just a few.

However, what I treasure the most about this journey is what I have learned about unconditional.

First I learned about unconditional love from my Heavenly Father, which allowed me to love myself unconditionally, which allowed me to receive the unconditional love of my husband.  For you see, I can no longer “perform” in order to earn love.  What a priceless gift I have received in a very unexpected package.

From there I learned and continue to learn about unconditional hope … hope without limits.

On this page I am listing links to some of my earliest posts which are what I would call foundational posts about my journey and lessons about hope without limits to which I refer over and over again.

Unconditional Hope

Reality Check

Litmus Test

My Thorn

Oh The Secrets We Keep

Building Blocks

2 thoughts on “My journey

  1. What gets me about these childhood things is how individual they are. OK, you were the one who played lookout so it would seem logical that it was because of you rather than your brothers or sisters (a grown up would say mother!) that he didn’t come. But even in situations where there wasn’t the difference – say you all took it turns as lookout – then we all come away with a different ‘secret’.
    Love the photo.

    1. So true Rosalie. The specific “filters” we all create as a result of our experiences definitely impact and determine our “secrets”. The photo is from a winter walk my husband and I took in northern Illinois near the Wisconsin border in December 2009.

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