Unconditionally worthy

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My journey of connection continues with this surprising turn.  I am unconditionally worthy.

Our faith in Jesus
transfers God’s righteousness to us
and He now declares us flawless in His eyes.
This means we can now enjoy true
and lasting peace with God,
all because of what our Lord Jesus,
the Anointed One, has done for us.
Our faith guarantees us access
into this marvelous kindness
that has given us a perfect relationship with God.
Romans 5:1-2*

I have no idea the number of times I’ve read this passage of scripture.  However, with the filter of “getting it right” removed and the lens of connection in place as I read what follows in verse 5

We can now experience
the endless love of God
cascading into our hearts
through the Holy Spirit
who lives in us!

my understanding came to a screeching halt and revelation empowered what I saw.  I heard the phrase “unconditionally worthy”.  My eloquent response was: is that possible???

I went back and re-read verses one and two.  There did not seem to be any fine print of what I had to do to keep my “worthy status” active.  It all relied on who Jesus is and what Jesus has done.  My part is accepting the validity of both of those things, i.e., faith.  Our Heavenly Father sees us as worthy of a perfect relationship with Him!   A stunned excitement has been growing in me ever since because the answer to my eloquent response “is that possible” seems to be “yes”.  Connection wins again over getting it right.  WOW!

What a reversal.  My starting point because of Jesus is being unconditionally worthy and living from that place with excellence rather than trying to be excellent in order to be or keep my worthy status.

I got to verse 11 and the Apostle Paul expressed my experience as if he’d experienced it himself … oh wait a minute … he had!!

We overflow with triumphant joy
in our new relationship
of living in harmony with God —
all because of Jesus Christ!

Unconditional hope that you are unconditionally worthy … yours for the taking.

* All scriptures quoted from The Passion Translation.  


2 thoughts on “Unconditionally worthy

  1. I love to read your blog and the tremendous revelations you are receiving from the Lord for all of us.

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