Near One

you-are-not-alonePicture courtesy of Transitioning to Me

To know I am not alone, it takes my breath away.  How about you? But not only that,  to know someone’s desire and purpose is to be near to me in all dimensions:  near to me in time, in space and in relationship.  Who could do such a thing?  None other than the Creator of All.

I’m not making this up – read this passage from The Passion Translation, Psalm 75:1:


I have been drawn to and captivated by this verse for years.  When I first memorized it, I was reading King James version.

For Your wondrous works declare that Your name is near.
New King James – Psalm 75:1

 All I could see was that His works declared to me that His Name, all He is, was near me.  Every time I would walk outside, or look on the face of one I love, creation would declare this verse to me, both encouraging and chastising me all at the same time “don’t be discouraged, can’t you see God is near”.

I completely missed the intimacy of this verse.  I had looked at “near” as an adverb describing where His name is, not a noun that told me what His Name is.  BIG difference.

The revelation His actual Name is “NEAR ONE”.  Undone. My heart is utterly undone.

If you’ve read much of my other writing, you’re aware I’m a “checker”.  I did the same with this.  Could I agree with this author’s translation?  Here is what I found looking up Psalm 75:1 in

  • Name
    • name
    • reputation, fame, glory
    • the Name (as designation of God)
    • memorial, monument
  • Near –
    • of place
    • of time
    • of personal relationship
    • Kinship

It’s true!!  His Name is Near One – near in this place, in this time, in our relationship.  Woooooooo hoooooo!

There have been lots of opportunities “to grow” (translate that: life has contained many challenges) in the first 7 weeks of 2017.  What more unconditional hope could my Heavenly Father reveal to me than no matter what challenge I encounter, the One whose Name is Merciful, Full of Compassion, Slow to Anger, Abounding in Loving Kindness and Truth – which would be all the things I need (Exodus 34:6) — is also named “Near One” because He is.

Whatever your situation … in the midst of celebrating victory;  facing an unexpected challenge/problem; or, living with chronic pain in any form, may you be comforted by knowing you are not alone.  Near One is with you.

kirbymc_power-of-one_img_3731Photo courtesy of my sister-in-law:  Power of One




2 thoughts on “Near One

  1. Such a good word. Miss you. Am busy getting ready for company the weekend of March 11. A lot of my relatives are coming for an engagement party for Stetson and Chris’ second born daughter who is 26. The wedding is in May and very small (just immediate family) so they are coming for this event instead. I love you, Deena

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