Once and for all

Big statement especially in our instant and throw-away world.

What’s was your reaction to the title?  Maybe:

  • Wish it were true.  Anything that secure would be amazing.
  • Not possible
  • Not interested … always want newer and better

What “once and for all” do I mean?  Good question.  Even better answer:

let-your-heart-take-flight-001Photo courtesy of my amazing sister-in-law

If right now you’re thinking, I’m not so sure about this.  Great!  You’re exactly to whom I am writing.  Here are some questions for you to ponder to come to your own conclusion.

What if God’s glory is the amazing power of His goodness?  His goodness that would not accept anything less than His satisfaction  of creator and created being reconciled for eternity coupled with the power to make that goodness happen?  (John 6:38-39)

What if living passionately out of the security that comes from both knowing what God’s satisfaction is and knowing that absolutely nothing can separate us from God’s “once and for all” love (Romans 8:38-39) is the key to gaining revelation full of liberating knowledge?

What spurred that question?  Because the literal translation of the Aramaic for John 7:17 is “Whoever is satisfied to do God’s satisfaction shall gain liberating knowledge.”*   Now there is some newer and better that I want 🙂 .

Living from the perspective that the only thing that will satisfy God is for us to be irreversibly reconciled to Him; helping others to live reconciled to our Heavenly Father – that is being “satisfied to do God’s satisfaction”.

How does that change life in the real world?  Your circumstances do not define God’s love for you.  All the enemy can influence is our circumstances as he prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour.  The enemy cannot influence God’s desire to be reconciled to us for eternity.  That my friend, is once and for all love.

The Psalmist David lived both incredible highs and incredible lows.  His example to us was to speak to our own hearts/souls in times of difficulty.  He did not deny the reality of what he was facing.  Rather, in the midst of pouring out his heart he connected to God’s “once and for all” love.

I say to my soul,
“Don’t be discouraged.
Don’t be disturbed.
For I know my God will break through for me.”
Then I’ll have plenty of reasons to praise him all over again.
Yes, living before His face is my saving grace!
Psalm 42:11 – The Passion Translation

Whoop … there it is – unconditional hope.  It was real for King David.  It is real for me.  It can be real for you as well.  The choice is yours.

*The Passion Translation


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