Why me?

That was my question as I watched the news last night and learned of 21 christians beheaded by ISIS for their faith.

Why would the God of all creation want to be bothered by my needs for things like heat in the middle of an ice storm when there are individuals being martyred for their faith?  A sense of shame started to creep in that I had even had the audacity to ask for help.

The thoughts were barely finished when the red flag went up.  Shame does not come from my Heavenly Father, rather His Word tells me I am blameless, above reproach and before God in love (Eph 1:4).  Jesus has purchased that reality for me at great cost.  Everything I have learned about Father God, know about Him and continue to learn about Him tells me His desire is to interact intimately with every single life (Luke 12:7) and that He is more than enough to do exactly that (Job 42:2).  How utterly amazing You are Heavenly Father!!

What better tactic to separate us from the very One with whom we need to be continually interacting and co-laboring to release His kingdom of heaven on earth (Matt 6:10) than to cause us to withdraw out of a sense of shame.

Do not succumb to the bully’s tactic of putting a wedge between you and the very One who desires and can cause you to …

Arise, shine, for your light has broken through!
    The Eternal One’s brilliance has dawned upon you.
See truly; look carefully—darkness blankets the earth;
    people all over are cloaked in darkness.
But God will rise and shine on you;
    the Eternal’s bright glory will shine on you,
a light for all to see.
Isaiah 60:1-2 (The Voice)

Oh, and don’t let the “worthy” card mess you up either.  That’s just another enemy tactic because it’s not about being worthy.  It’s about God’s purpose in all of this … He’s done it all for His sake because He is soooooooo incredibly passionate about you and to have relationship with you.

So let’s get this clear:
it’s for My own sake that I save you.

        I am He who wipes the slate clean
and erases your wrongdoing.

        I will not call to mind your sins anymore.
Isaiah 43:25 (The Voice)

Nowhere in the bible can I find that if God supplies my needs, it takes away from His supply for anyone else.  He is infinite.  He has no beginning and no end.  There is always more of Him.  (John 1:1-5; Rev. 21:6)

Take heart.  Draw nigh to the Creator of all and co-labor with Him by praying His very Word back into this world to release heaven on earth. (Isaiah 55:11).  Ask and keep on asking!  (Matt 7:7).

So back to my original question “why me”?  Because my Heavenly Daddy says so!

All that "white stuff" is not snow.  It's 2 inches of slush that froze solid and was then covered by 1/2" of ice.
All that “white stuff” is not snow. It’s 2 inches of slush that froze solid and was then covered by 1/2″ of ice.

Click on photo for full-size image.

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