Club of Endurance

I have a question for you – what is your reaction to the word endurance? Take a moment.  Think about it.  Got your answer? Did you know endurance is a gift?  Are you surprised as I was?

Proportionate Need

It had been a very long, very demanding week with one more “work day” to go this past Friday.  I turned on my computer to journal about the many, many ways I had experienced my Heavenly Father’s supply and guidance in the past few days.  Immediately I saw on a friends Facebook page the YouTube … More Proportionate Need

Fog and pelicans

Not 2 things that I normally think about at the same time. But, as I sat here quietly this morning that’s what I heard “fog can turn us into Pelicans”.  I just love it when my Heavenly Father grabs my attention to go “say what?” When we can only see what is right in front … More Fog and pelicans

My rainbow shield

Yesterday was a rough day. Allergy migraine. ‘Nuff said. In the midst of yesterday’s pain, God sent me a rainbow through a blogging friend without her even knowing how God was using her.  At the moment I saw it, I felt this thrill of joy and hope even in the midst of the pain and … More My rainbow shield