How long is your leash?

  I’ve discovered the longer, the better. I’ve also discovered that for me for a very long time the length of leash was directly proportionate to my amount of understanding. It may surprise you to find out that the leash to which I am referring

Stress relief

Funny thing about help.  The first step to receive it, is you have to realize it is not a bad thing to need it. Some posts come to me as one big download.  Not this one.  Without my even realizing it my Heavenly Father has been working on this one for over a month.  He … More Stress relief

What are you missing?

Could the “safety” of the familiar be stealing the “more” God has for you?  “More” as in exceedingly, abundantly above anything you could even dare to dream to ask? (Eph 3:20) I’ve recently been confronted with that choice.  “What if” feels pretty scary when there is no going back if you take the risk of … More What are you missing?

Reality check

Sometimes being honest with yourself is a pretty scary thing.  When you take off all the masks you wear; when you stop trying to perform to be loved; when you quit defining yourself by what you do and just ask yourself the question “who am I” – do you want to know the answer? That’s … More Reality check