Hi – I am Diane Lawbaugh.

I am committed to equipping you to learn how to exchange perspectives that cause limitations for insights that empower the life you desire.

To do that I need you to be willing to work with me to discover the foundations of what you believe about yourself, your relationships and your future.

Why would I ask you to do that? Because it’s been my personal journey the past 20 years and has impacted every facet of my life for the better.

Most recently, I became a PAX Certified Partner .  Everything I knew and believed about how men and women interact across the entire spectrum of our lives was challenged.

I was first exposed to PAX material 5 years ago.  At that time my husband and I were married 37 years.  Even though we love one another very much, we were unintentionally hurting each other quite often.  It was very painful. But honestly, because of what I saw around in me other relationships I believed  that it could not be any different.

A very condensed version of my experience is I have gone from seeing my husband as a large, hairy and very misbehaving woman — because how a woman would act or respond was all I knew to use for comparison — to literally seeing him as my hero who helped and supported me to make my dream come true to accomplish my PAX Mastery & Certification.

Now I want to share my dream with you, to equip you to live a life filled with hope and what makes your heart happiest.

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    1. Hello Lessons By Heart! I’ve been away on vacation and not checking my blog. Thank you for reading my blog and your kind comments and encouragement on several posts. It means a great deal to me! We seem to have a similar perspective that if we choose to look for our Heavenly Father we will find Him – unconditionally. I look forward to sharing more of our journeys with each other. Here’s to hearts filled with hope!

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